Hot Springs (Onsen) with Wearing Swimwear or Bikini near Tokyo

In Japan, there are so many hot springs. We Japanese like them. We can spend relaxing time in hot springs.

But, I found there were someone who wants to take hot springs with wearing swimwear or bikinis, because they are shy in front of someone without wearing swimwear or bikinis.

Now here, I’d like to introduce you 5 hot spring facilities with wearing swimwear or bikini near Tokyo.


Toshimaen (Toshima-ku, Tokyo)  

YUNESSUN spa resort in Hakone (Kanagawa)

YUNESSUN spa resort in Hakone invites travelers from around the world to relax in 23 hot spring baths, including traditional open-air Japanese baths and beautifying baths containing wine, coffee and sake – all in the natural beauty of Hakone.

Hotel Sun Valley Nasu (Tochigi)

A true hot spring resort where people of all ages, from children to adults, can enjoy themselves in their own way. Forget the time as you refresh your body and mind.

At Yuyu Tengoku, the largest hot spring zone at our hotel, we have baths containing three kinds of hot springs, the Sulfur Spring, Weak Alkaline Spring, and Magnesium Spring. In addition to hot springs, we also have a wide variety of saunas, including a salt sauna, dry sauna, and mist sauna.

Besides Yuyu Tengoku, we have a variety of other baths including the luxurious open-air barrel bath Yudokoro Hinoki (Cypress Bath), two types of hot springs at Mori-no-Yu (Forest Hot Spring), and open-air baths directly sourced from natural hot springs.

Enoshima Island Spa (Kanagawa)

Katsuura Hotel Mikazuki (Chiba)


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