[Original] Nichii, unannounced survey of women’s dormitories in the Philippines Shooting underwear, etc., aiming to reduce personnel?

On March 23, I found an article on Tokyo Shinbun as follows.

【独自】ニチイ、フィリピン女性寮を抜き打ち調査 下着など撮影、人員削減狙いか

[Original] Nichii, unannounced survey of women’s dormitories in the Philippines Shooting underwear, etc., aiming to reduce personnel?


In mid-February, the company will live in a problem where some Filipino women who came to Japan after being hired by Nichii Gakkan (Tokyo) to take up the housework agency business in the National Strategic Special Zone became unknown. It was found that about 20 employee dormitories were unannounced and surveyed all at once. Some say they opened drawers without consent and took pictures of room-dried underwear, and women complained “for privacy and human rights abuses.” (Isoko Mochizuki)

同社関係者やフィリピン人女性によると、同社の日本人従業員は二人一組で、2月16日の午前と午後の2回、関東・関西地方と名古屋市にあるニチイと契約したフィリピン人女性が住むシェアハウス約20カ所を訪問。不在の人の持ち物も含めてベッドや引き出しの中を調べたり、写真を撮ったりして在宅勤務の態度や服装、整理整頓の様子などをチェックしたという。 部屋干ししている下着の写真を撮られた人もいたといい、ある女性は「下着姿の人もいる中、携帯電話もチェックされるなど、プライベートな部分にも入り込まれ、その後何人かが雇い止めになった。人減らしの理由をつくろうとしているようにしか見えない」と話した。

According to company officials and Filipino women, the company’s Japanese employees are a pair of Filipinos who have signed contracts with Nichii in the Kanto / Kansai region and Nagoya City twice in the morning and afternoon on February 16. Visited about 20 share houses where women live. He said that he checked the inside of the bed and drawers, including the belongings of the absentee, and took pictures to check the attitude of working from home, clothes, and the state of tidying up.  Some people said that they were taken pictures of their underwear that was drying in the room, and one woman said, “While some people are wearing underwear, their mobile phones are also checked, and so on. I’ve stopped hiring. It looks like I’m just trying to create a reason for reducing the number of people. ”



 関係者によると、抜き打ち調査は、家事支援事業の業績悪化に伴う、フィリピン人女性の人員削減のためだったとされる。結果は本社に報告され、在宅態度が「悪い」と評価された女性は、後日面談の上で「本人の過失」として、定期試験と同様に雇用契約更新の際の判断材料にする予定だったという。 ニチイは本紙の取材に「個別に回答することは差し控える。悲しい思いをした元スタッフがいることを重く受け止め、真摯に対応する。相談窓口の設置とともに対話に向けて調整を進めている」と回答した。事業を管理する内閣府は「事実関係を調べ、問題があれば、第三者管理協議会を通じて指導していきたい」と話した。

◆ Is it an excuse to cancel the contract?  

According to people familiar with the matter, the unannounced survey was to reduce the number of Filipino women due to the deterioration of the performance of the housework support project. The results were reported to the head office, and the woman who was evaluated as having a “bad” attitude at home was scheduled to use it as a judgment factor when renewing the employment contract, as in the regular examination, as “the person’s fault” at a later interview. That is.  Nichii said in an interview with this newspaper, “We will refrain from answering individually. We take it seriously that there is a former staff member who feels sad and will take it seriously. We are making adjustments for dialogue with the establishment of a consultation desk.” I answered. The Cabinet Office, which manages the business, said, “I would like to investigate the facts and if there are any problems, I would like to provide guidance through a third-party management council.”



◆ Preparing options that will remain in Japan  Kazuaki Asato, an associate professor at Kyoto University who is familiar with the labor issues of foreigners, said, “If Nichii could not stimulate the demand for business and the workers had waiting time, they would be punished by” unannounced inspection “to return to Japan. Instead, we should prepare options for staying in Japan, such as setting goals such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and devising measures so that we can switch to specific skills. “

National Housework Support Project  In principle, foreigners are not allowed to enter the country for the purpose of doing housework support work such as nursing care for the elderly and cleaning the house, but in 1 city and 5 prefectures designated as national strategic special zones such as Tokyo, If certain conditions such as acquisition of national qualifications are met, the status of residence is recognized. Nichii did not renew the contract with 206 people because the third-party management council consisting of the Cabinet Office and local governments that manage the business pointed out the low occupancy rate.


【独自】ニチイ、フィリピン女性寮を抜き打ち調査 下着など撮影、人員削減狙いか:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


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