What should we do when electricity was suddenly gone in our house? ― How to recover

I used a microwave oven to heat rice.

Suddenly the ceiling light were gone.

I can’t use any electric devices at all.


I’ll tell you how to recover from such a situation.


It’s a power outage! If you think about it, how to deal with a power outage and how to check it

Even if the lights in the room suddenly go out, you have to wait for a while to assume that there is a ” power outage “. First, let’s check if there is a real power outage .

The check method is simple. First of all, let’s see if there is no electricity other than the room where you are. In addition, open the window and check the state of the neighboring house. If all the electricity is turned off in other homes, there is a possibility of a power outage.

If the next door is away and the house is pitch black, check the lights of the vending machines installed on the road if possible.

If the lights are off not only in your own home, but also in the vending machines installed in the neighborhood and outside, it is considered a power outage

How to check for a power outage

  • Isn’t the electricity in the house turned on?
  • Is the electricity in your neighborhood pitch black?
  • Is the electricity of the vending machines installed on the road turned off?

If you don’t have electricity in your neighborhood, it may be a power outage or some kind of trouble, so call the contracted power company to check. Check here for the phone numbers of the 10 major electric power companies .

Customer center number of electric power company: Tokyo Electric Power , Kansai Electric Power , Chubu Electric Power , Tohoku Electric Power , Kyushu Electric Power , Chugoku Electric Power , Shikoku Electric Power , Hokkaido Electric Power , Hokuriku Electric Power , Okinawa Electric Power )

What should I be aware of if there is a real power outage?

Precautions during a power outage

・ Be careful of fire when using candles to get light.
・ In case of a long-term power outage, check what is stored in the refrigerator.
・ Unplug the electrical appliances (iron, dryer, electric drill, mixer, etc.) that were in use. It is dangerous to operate suddenly when electricity is restored.
・ In the event of a power outage, not only electricity but also gas and water may stop. If you cannot use gas or water, wait for the electricity to be restored.
-Check the timer of electrical appliances as it may have been cleared at the same time as the power failure.

When there is no power outage but no electricity

If the house next door has electricity, but only your own house does not, it seems that there is no power outage. In this case, the electric breaker may have tripped .

If you use a lot of electrical appliances at once, you may exceed the contracted capacity, the breaker may trip, and the electricity may stop.

If the circuit breaker trips, turn off all the appliances you were using, open the distribution board, and turn the circuit breaker on / on. And if the light turns on again, it can be determined that the breaker was the cause.

Once you have electricity, be careful not to use all the appliances you were using at the same time. If you use it in the same way, the breaker will trip again.

In order not to trip the breaker, it is important to reduce the number of electrical devices used at the same time.

If the circuit breaker is turned on and the electricity does not turn on, it may be an electric leakage or a malfunction, so contact the contracted power company and follow the instructions.


It’s a power outage! I have described how to deal with power outages and how to check them when you think .

Japan has a very low rate of power outages among developed countries . Looking at the total time of power outages that occurred in a year, we can see that it is low. Therefore, it can be said that power outages rarely occur.

Electricity may be temporarily stopped due to construction work. However, please be assured that you will be notified in advance even in such a case.

If there is an accident that the electricity still goes out,

1. Check if there is a real power outage .

2. Make sure the breaker is just off. If you remember these two things well, you should be able to act calmly.


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